Westgate Community School (WCS) is the dream of a group of parents and educators who believe that all gifted learners deserve an educational experience commensurate with their unique needs and abilities.   Most gifted programming is designed primarily around the needs of one type of gifted learner.

WCS offers an innovative educational environment designed to meet the needs of a more inclusive population of gifted learners including those with different learning styles.  We specialize in gifted learners whose needs diverge from those practiced in more traditional schools settings.  Our instruction is organized to support  those diverse learning styles by using methods that match the students' varying academic needs and strengths.  

We believe the social and emotional needs of gifted students are as important as their intellectual needs.  While making our high expectations clear to all students, we also offer a loving learning environment where it is safe to take risks among peers.  Our goal is to make our students feel successful, understood, and appreciated for who they are.

The Westgate Community School staff believes that flexible, experiential, and integrated learning provides the most meaningful educational experience possible.